Chromatic Star

Oblivion Stone

Inkmoth Nexus playset

Misty Rainforest

Noble Hierarch Playset

Theros pantheon

It’s been a long time without an update on this page… too many Christmas celebrations and other commitments… Here your are some pictures of the latest batch of alterations I have made during this holiday season, a complete set of

World of Warcraft pandaren playset

I love it!!      

Harley Quinn y Batman & Robin

I altered these two ones recently:  

Wrath of God… by Disney

Recently I took the kind of commission I love.. “Do whatever you want on a Wrath of God”. I though… maybe Chuck Norris or Jackie Chan? Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction? And then I came across this beautiful Disney movie

Elesh Norn [Speed painting video]

After Modern Masters weekend, there were so many cards that I would like to alter!! Elesh Norn was one of them, so I took that opportunity to record a video of the process: