Sunpetal Grove altered as The Shire

Baral, Chief of Compliance as Vivi (Final Fantasy)

Alesha who Smiles at Death as Chun-Li (Street Fighter)

Having fun with foils

Some foil peel alters I recently made 🙂

Some Panoramas

It’s been a while since I don´t post anything on the website, but this doesn´t mean that I haven´t been working on new alters. Please follow me on Facebook or twitter for the latest updates!    

Goblin Guide’s rescue

This is what I received from a friend who was looking forward to rescuing his poor goblin guides from the misery: After some hours of work, this is the result. Hope you like them!  

MTG Deadpool Swamp altered by Mayte Alters

Reflector Mage

The Gitrog Monster

Rob Alexander’s Shock Lands